Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alliance notes for upcoming Bav-Ops keynote

Current groundwork for use of interoperability: 

To gain cert. under a specific program, products have to show sat/perf levels in typical network configurations and have to support both established and emerging applications. The certification process includes three types of tests to ensure interoperability.


Equipment conforms to IEEE 802.11Conformance testing usually involves standalone analysis of individual products and establishes whether the equipment responds to inputs as expected.


Cert-quip has been tested for connectivity with other certified equipment . Compatibility testing is the predominant component of interoperability testing and involves tests with multiple devices from different equipment vendors.

A. mandatory

WPA2 security, which aligns with IEEE 802.11i. Available in two types: WPA2-Personal and WPA2 Enterprise, which adds EAP authentication.

B. optional

CWG-RF, offered in conjunction with CTIA,, to provide performance mapping of cellular radios in converged devices.